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Perfect for children, students and seniors, Siren Song sound a very loud alarm to help scare away dangerous threats.
Self Defense
Compact Easy To Use
Siren Song is a new personal alarm technology that focuses on sound to keep you and your loved one’s safe at all time!
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What is Siren Song?
The Siren Song is a personal self defense siren that keeps women, and children safe at all time. Once the Siren Song is activated, it can be heard from a far distance. The innovative technology in Siren Song is created to deter an attacker, and alert for help nearby when you’re in trouble.
120+ Decibel Alarm
Powerful LED Light Attracts Attention
Revolutionary Designed
and Amplifies Sound
Compact Keychain To Have At All Times.
Easy On/Off Button
Easy on/off button
on off button is easy to press in an emergency situation (and no, you won't accidentally set it off)
It's 120+ decibels
which means it's louder than a jet engine when activated
It has a flashlight
getting in and out of your car at night? use the nano banshee's powerful LED light
Take with you anywhere
unlike pepper spray, the nano banshee can be taken anywhere, even on a plane
Military inspired design
designed after a powerful military crowd control device called an LRAD.
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Features & Benefits
  • Easy on/off button
  • Take with you anywhere
  • It's 120+ decibels
  • Military inspired design
  • It has a flashlight
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